“I accomplish the impossible everyday, I mean that when I say it, it’s not that difficult,” CIQ explains. “A bit of courage, creativity, perseverance and above all, faith. If you don’t believe something is possible, you won’t try it.”

“Where I come from, everyone believes life is short, and today you gotta live your life to the full. It doesn’t mean we are all adrenaline junkies, and we all plan to be racecar drivers for a living (some of us, maybe), but it does mean we are up for just about anything, and when we have an idea, we do it, right now, not ten years from now.”

“You have to choose your battles though,” she goes on. “My high school sports teacher wanted me on the basketball team. I was more into soccer and volleyball. She told me she’d teach me how to get nine out of ten basketballs into the hoop. So I agreed on that premise. A few days later I was shooting nine out of ten baskets.”

“Life is really based on your choices. If you know what you’re doing, you just make a list and carry it out.”

“As for technique, if you visualize that basketball going in the hoop right before you throw it, you will throw it right where your focus is, and the ball will follow the path you’ve mapped out in your mind.”

“But you really have to choose your battles. Unfortunately I kept messing up my fingers in basketball, jamming my knuckles, and I couldn’t play classical piano with my middle fingers in bandages.”

“It’s all about focus. You will do exactly what you’ve decided you will do.”

“In music and arts, I accomplish exactly what I focus on each day. But if I’m not focussed it’s just a waste of time, so I just get out and do something else for awhile.”

“Anything is possible. I used to drive an hour through storms every day to get to work. Blizzards, thunderstorms, glare ice, extreme temperatures, high winds, freezing rain, once a tornado. I didn’t know it was a tornado at that time. Tree branches kept blowing across the road right in front of me so I was just at the tail end of it. When I got to my destination the hydro wires were hanging down and broken, and I couldn’t get out of my car for ten minutes, until the wind went down rather suddenly. I actually thought driving through that kind of crazy weather was fun at the time, but it did require some focus and skill.”

“Regardless if I leave the studio and get out performing, I might be more likely to play live than DJ. I find the egos I deal with on a daily basis almost impossible. If it’s not worth the trouble, I’ll find somewhere else to fit in. There’s so many great things to do with my life. Why make excuses? This is my life, and life is great, now. I like positive social change, but I’ve put up with a great deal of negativity from people in the process.”

“I hang out with a lot of real estate investors online, among other business people and artists, and one word they use in business frequently is personal responsibility. Basically you bear the consequences of whatever actions you decide to take. Most people are afraid to admit that, at least on that level, and they don’t like to take risks either, which is why they don’t go into business or real estate investing. But the only way to get anything done in this world is to do it yourself.”

“You have to be 100% truthful and realistic with yourself 100% of the time. If you can’t jump across a cliff don’t do it. Here in Canada we are really good at the great outdoors and survival. Most people love conquering the great outdoors here just for fun if they grew up in it, outside the cities and towns. We’re not really afraid of much, the rest of the world is pretty basic in comparison.”


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