“Fame was never a high priority for me,” CIQ laughs, “being from Canada, I learned that fame and money don’t always coincide, and it takes awhile for the general public to catch up with what you are doing.”

She’s accomplished a lot of cutting edge projects by staying just under the radar. By the time the mainstream media caught up with her groundbreaking events, and other organizations were looking to work with her, she had already moved on to new projects. “I told them I had decided to focus on more studio work about two months before they called me, to follow my passion.”

“I’m not bothered about fame one way or the other,” CIQ continues, “but depending on what you are trying to accomplish, it can help you or stop you from what you are trying to do.”

When she was younger, she spent more time travelling the world and spur of the moment live projects. But then she started looking for something more. “The internet has given me the ability to reach out more beyond where I’ve already been, to stay in touch with people, and has encouraged me to put more time into the studio, to create a lasting legacy, to share my ideas and creativity with the entire world. It’s a learning process, I am not technologically inclined, but very good once I understand the technology. I’m more of an artist. I like to interact with the entire world via the internet and to communicate creatively this way.”

“I always wanted to leave my footprints in the sand, to carve my name in history. I’ve had the opportunity to see much of the world and hopefully I’ll keep finding ways to give back.”

“It’s a beautiful world, full of wonderful experiences and good people, a perfect Creation of Love, and an opportunity to always better ourselves and live our dreams, and inspire upcoming generations.”


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