“I’ve always been a freelancer,” CIQ shares, “I reinvent myself as many times as I need to.”

Lately she has been working with a modeling agency, hoping that this relationship will help her out in the fields of music, acting and modeling. “I finally figured out that the DJ industry is 99-100% men only and what that means to me. I’ve searched worldwide for decent management and finally went outside the music industry, and am now working with a modeling agent for music, acting and modeling. I have no idea where this will lead. The focus is international, finally, and I am really happy with this so far. The extra work is really fun.”

“I am also changing my approach in the studio. I feel like I have at least four jobs at the moment.”

“Only once before in my career did I ever encounter not being taken seriously as a producer because I am a woman. That was in the USA. Now I realize this is a worldwide issue in the music industry. In Toronto, I believe I got a lot more work because of my excellent reputation and knowledge. If anything, I was respected more, not less, as a minority in the field.”

“It is what it is. I feel like I’ve climbed to the top of a tall ladder and found nothing at the top. So I guess it’s up to me. So much for a cash job as an international DJ.”

“I can’t even begin to explain how unimpressed and disappointed I am that the DJ industry does not support female talent properly. If anything, women are seriously disrespected in that industry on many levels, and no wonder nearly all the music sounds suspiciously like it was written by men, for men, about men, only. It probably was. In fact, a lot of dance music makes women sound like they have no brains, lost in the music. Like extreme groupies. I used to think all those girls were paid to stand there and scream. I’ve always been an artist, a thinker, a producer, a classical musician. I can’t relate to that at all. Maybe less than one percent of women are like that.”

“As a producer and performer I have never cared what anyone thinks. I just show up. All it takes is one five minute conversation. One song. People connect with me. I’ve never been concerned with the future, as long as I am in control, I have more work coming my way than anyone can handle. Sometimes I’m not offered exactly what I want, other times, it’s great. If I’m not getting what I want, I change whatever I’m doing, or take time off. That’s what freelance is all about.”

“So I’m doing things my way. I can’t conform to an all male industry. That’s insane. It’s not me… it’s them, the industry, the world.”

“My life is my adventure. I enjoy doing unique and different things all the time. I don’t feel the need to conform to anything other than who I really am and what I really feel is right. I have always believed… if you ‘CIQ’ you will find.”